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LIGHT YOUR PATIO Cordless / Rechargeable / Weather - Proof Lamp's

Light Your Patio Metal Cage Lamp (2-Pack's)

Light Your Patio Metal Cage Lamp (2-Pack's)

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Product Details

  • The metal cage lamp is the first of its kind, its solar and rechargeable via USB plug.
  • We have incorporated a photocell on and off switch to conserve the power. Excellent for patio areas, front doorsteps, camping and Power outages.
  • Feature’s RGB red green blue as well.
  • Using the LED Battery Metal Cage Lamp
  • Charge battery with a Type C USB cable. This process takes about 6 to 7 hours.
  • Sun charging takes 24 hours, use the photocell on and off switch to turn it on and off to conserve power.
  • Place cage lamp in the desired position.
  • Push the button on the top of the lamp for different light levels plus RGB.
  • The lamp will turn red to green when fully charged.
  • Working time for white: 8 hours at 100% 3000K: 16 hours for 50% 3000K.
  • Working time for RGB is 35 hours.

LED Lights:
200lm on first step / 100lm on second step. LED 6x2835 0.5W:
LED 6x2835 0.5W 3000K + 4pcs 5050 0.2W RGB3000K + 4pcs 5050
0.2W RGB
ABS + PC + Powder Coated Steel
Power Supply:
1*5000mAh, Metal frame. Total is 2cells x 1 battery pack
Operating Temperature:
–20 °C to 45 °C; -4°F to 113 °F
Protection Class:
IP44, splash-proof
(H x W x D): 11.8“ X 6.5“

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